Thursday, May 16, 2013

Levi and I are doing great.  Levi's company has come to a close and business isn't doing well, so for steady income he went out and got a daily job.  He is trying to become an arborist, but for now he is working as the grounds keeper.  Long days and hard work.  He needed to buy some steel toed boots, which we did.  Unfortunately he was unable to break them in before his job started and came home with giant blisters all over his feet.  Sucky, Sucky considering the fact that he needs to be on his feet all day and still has to work his long days with blisters.  Hopefully they will have time to heal over the weekend.

Riley is doing absolutely phenomenal in school.  She got to participate in her choir event going to the bowling alley, she made the no tardy party where they get to go again to the bowling alley, and she has also made it to the citizenship party at school for being prepared everyday, turning in her work on time and being a great student.  Funny story:  Yesterday was busy for us.  In the morning she had a wax museum where she was Deborah Sampson.  She needed a revolutionary war costme.  Being broke and not getting any return comments on costumes from friends and neighbor I asked I made her a costume.  I don't sew, so I bought a $3 shirt from Walmart and died it blue, I then proceeded to place construction paper on it.  I bought a cowboy hat which I spray painted blue.  Needless to say the costume was very ugly!!!  She was crying before school, "OH, PLEASE mom don't make me go in like this.  I look absolutely foolish!"  Of Course, being the mother I am I simply said Riley, in life not everything always goes as planned.  I didn't have the money to buy a perfect costume, and even though many of your friends will have stylish costumes it's not about the costume it's about you and what you make of it.  When your friends laugh, laugh with them.  Let them know you know the costume isn't but it gets the point across.  Laugh and have fun.  Make your personality shine through.  She cried more and asked again to stay home.  I again said no, but gave her an option not to wear the costume.  She said she didn't want to receive a zero because that would inhibit her from going to the citizen party.  So I said that is your choice, but if you leave this car with the costume on Fake it till you make it, be happy.  It was very hard for me to see this and be strong, principle.  In the end she really enjoyed her ugly costume and will remember the day I made her go to school with it.  She had a great time and laughed with her friends about it's ugliness.

Kennet is also doing well.  Thanks to Levi and his patience with Kennet in spelling he has boosted his spelling score and has received 100%.  He plays soccer and is doing very well.

I too got a job, telemarketing!  Yes I am the new Centurylink customer service agent.  I worked here before and loved the atmosphere.  I need the money right now.  It has been hard because I have been working nights and I miss my children desperately.

My ex just adopted Riley, and I am trying to finish our divorce paperwork by the end of the month.      

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