Saturday, January 1, 2011


Support Hotlines:


Making Mixed Marriages Work:

Alternate Path:  For women who love their husbands and want to make a relationship work

Seven Stages of Grief for Divorce:  If you are in a mixed orientation marriage, and your spouse just came out to you please read the following grief cycle.  You will feel like this.

When The Man You Love is Gay: Article

Out Together:  Why People in mixed Orientation Marriages Stay Together:  Article

Gay in a Straight Marriage.  Divorce or Stay?: Article:

Beyond Homophobia:

Straight Spouse Network:


A Change of Heart - Deals mainly with the Straight Wife's feelings
The Mulligans-  Deals mainly with the Husbands SSA
Latter Days-  Deals with LDS SSA
Brokeback Mountain-  Deals mainly with Men with SSA